Civility… it dead?

14_14This I have learned and continue to learn:  Civility has been tossed out the window and very few people seem to mind. Am I being old-fashioned? Am I showing my age? Well, so be it. It is driving me to distraction. Why can’t people be civil? It is an undeniable truth: good manners can get you results.

There is no age in good manners and there is nothing wrong with behaving with civility. Cannot be blamed only on the fact that technology has taken over. Yes, communicating via mobile phones, emails, social networks, has become a way of life. That is all fantastic, it’s the future, it’s the world moving forward. Still, I feel this has made us forget human contact. Face to face exchanges have become so rare, eye contact almost non-existent. Let’s not mention the need to exchange ideas with spoken words.

Exchanging ideas, there is another casualty. Answering curtly is the rule of the day. Could it be that this is the way we behave when we live in big places? There is no time to get to know each other, no desire to exchange pleasantries, not need to be nice. That is sad and frustrating. Too much to do, too little time!

Big cities don’t lend themselves to warm relationships. All work and no play is a way of life. We commute from home to work. Once there, we deal with deadlines, demanding boss, competition. Commute back home. When we get there, we need to solve every crisis that has presented itself during the time we were away at work. We need to complete tasks started before we can start new ones. Then we sit to watch the 24 hours cable news, comedies, dramas, sport events and other so called entertainment. Sitting around the dinner table is a thing of the past, and if it happens…there is little to talk about. We are cranky, upset, tired and have no patience for anyone. No wonder we explode in uncivil behavior.

When we are outside the home, we behave in the same manner. We are impatient and rude and want to get our way quickly before we move on to another thing. Is it me or shopping has become a chore most of us dread? Rude sales people, rude customers and all done at high speed! Nothing is done at a leisurely pace, there is no time. We must remember that civilization comes from civility. How is civilization going to survive is civility is the first casualty of modernization?

This is unfortunate because you can get so many things done, so much accomplished when you’re civil! Let’s listen and get back to simple things, paying attention to what is said to us before we react. We have to remember how to answer, how to ask for things and how to say please and thank you. How to smile at people!  Try it, it will surprise you!!!

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