She doesn’t at the Moment!

IMG_0932This is me a few days ago. IMG_0967…..It has been three months, one week and 4 days, since I last colored my hair, but who is counting…..well, maybe the people who see me everyday and do not know me well enough to ask what is happening, strangers I meet when I run my errands. The ones that know me well enough are either impressed I have lasted this long or are silently hoping I would come to my senses and color my hair again!! No cheering section yet.

I have to say it’s been easier than I thought, maybe because my hair grows fast and I had become a blonde a while ago….roots blend better, sort of. I also had a new haircut and keep it styled more than I used to. In the end, it’s been easier, I believe, because most of the time I don’t care what people think!! Do not get me wrong, even not caring about what they say, I have found myself doubting my decision a couple of times. Not enough to give up yet, but enough to consider wearing a hat when I went out! Why not? Love hats and they are fashionable, are they not? Seriously, the reward will be amazing, but the way there is paved with doubts and impatience, you need to keep convincing yourself. You need help!

One very good idea is to read about others that have embarked on this journey. So far, I have read everything I found about letting your hair go natural,  looking for encouragement and finding it. There are Facebook pages and older women sites that give tips and advise: Vibrant Nation, Zest Now and Sixty and Me.   There are also Going Grey – Google Search, I couldn’t believe the amount of information you can find! This is how I have discovered that many women have decided to do this, more than I would have ever imagined. Reasons go from being tired of coloring to the cost, the time and the aggravation. Maybe it’s that they do not need to prove anything to anyone, or the fact that so many celebrities are going grey. There are now examples of glamorous women flaunting their grey locks everywhere!!! Not a moment to soon, I say.

Now, there are women that simply cannot let their hair go grey; either their white hair turns yellow, it’s too coarse and dry or the color just doesn’t go with their complexion. What to do. You would need to try it before you are sure it’s not for you. There is also that you need to be  your best when you let your hair go grey. You might need to change your make-up, your hairstyle, your clothes style and your attitude. I know, too much work…..but it will be so worth it… I am sure!!!

I have about three and a half inches of growth already and  the Holidays are coming. Christmas is a special time in our home and five days before it’s our anniversary: 40 years!!! Something needed to be done. Enter my beautiful daughter. Camille has a most wonderful stylist….leave it to her to find the best in her new city: Europa Hair Studio. Yesterday, I went to see him and had a whole afternoon worth of work on my hair. Fernando, the stylist, did almost white highlights all over. I looked as if my head could receive signals from Mars! After that, he applied heat to make the hair-lightener work, a violet mask to take away as much of the blonde as possible and a toner to give the hair an even color. When I tell you my hair hurt, trust me, that’s an understatement. It was a long day….

In the end….. voilá, totally worth it! Thank you, Camille!!!!


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  1. Mercedes, you look wonderful. Wish you and the family beautiful holidays . I am enjoying some cold weather In Germany and have nice arms to keep me warm. Will be back for the klaptjies Anja Nobo.
    Big brasa to all, Nadya

  2. Looking good Mercedes! But then you always did! Love the hair, for me next week will be the last cutting of the still with colour points, and I am finally totally natural. The shade is still a shade of dark grey, 50 of them, but no more colouring to the chagrin of my hairdresser. All those chemicals through the years can never have been good. Lost 15 kilos also and walk everyday 6 kilometers, feeling wonderful afther….during is another story since my joints never got my memo to RENEW! But I am whishing you and Frankie a wonderful anniversary(we passed this post in february) and for you and the whole family a blessed xmas filled with love, peace an d lots of happines. Big hug and kisses Patricia..
    And keep up the good work! I enjoyed your story!

    1. Thanks, Patris!!! I understand, it is a process and we should be patient…still is so worth it, isn’t it? My hair is not completely white either and I still get people asking me when would I color my hair again……NEVER!!! Congratulations on the over all change, how about pictures? Walking is the best exercise, no matter what our joints say, so keep it up. Yes, we deserve medals: 40 years!
      A very Happy Christmas Season, Health, Wealth and Happiness for you and yours. Enjoy this time, my friend! Hugs and kusjes xoxo
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