Politics, Hats and Brooches…….Oh My!!!

IMG_1518My high school friends have a communal WhatsApp account where we visit, keep in touch and commiserate when necessary. It is a new adventure and so far, so good….until last night! I broke one of my strictest rules: NEVER TALK POLITICS with friends, family or anyone for that matter!! Anyways, the discussion was about the upcoming elections in Panama. With the protests in Venezuela, the political atmosphere in Panama at the moment and the passion people put into these discussions, everyone is very aware of the power of the vote. My friends are encouraging each other to vote. A very good thing, of course. Well, somehow it got to specific politics, who and how, why and why not. I put my two cents worth, was completely misunderstood…serves me right! What was I thinking? Must have been sleepy, groggy or who knows.

Politics is absolutely toxic to friendships and families ties. I think it’s even more taboo than religion!!! We make an effort to refrain from talking about religion not to offend anyone. Mistakenly, we think politics can be an easier topic. To cut the story short,  I ended up on a back and forth with one of my friends on something I thought we agreed on!! What a faux-pas!! Didn’t know what had hit me. Thankfully, another friend told us to change the subject, which I was more than glad to do. Some things need to be remembered at all times, unfortunately, we slip once in a while. It becomes necessary to move on…..So, once again, I reestablished my rule and did just that.IMG_1635IMG_1576

On that note, I decided on a less controversial theme. This morning I browsed through the blogs I follow. One caught my attention:

Style Crone

Judith Boyd is an absolute original. In her early 70s, she has the most amazing collection of hats, to go with her most amazing collection of vintage clothing and accessories. She is hosting a HAT ATTACK on her blog and is inviting her readers to post our creations! Well, I didn’t need another prompting. I love hats and have a good number of them. It is true mine are rather plain compared to hers, but I also collect brooches. Instant fashion idea: mix-and-match both and see what happens. Have to say I am very pleased with some of the results!!!

IMG_1532I started with my favorite Panama hat, yes, it is!!! It is by Panama Line, London. Coupled with different brooches, it became absolutely the thing if I was to wear hats here in Miami….for some lavish affair. Then, my green raffia Italian hat by Capelli,  easy to wear at the beach, but can be dressed-up too! I love it because it can take a lot of abuse and never loses its shape. The color is as vibrant as when I bought it years ago.IMG_1598

Last, but not least my other Panama hat. This is a variation of the typical Panamanian hat, used in the fields by farmers and ranches. This version has a wide brim and it’s fabulous to wear in the hot days of a Panamanian summer. You really need to have some shade while walking around town, attending an outdoor event or simply to look stylish.IMG_1615

The brooches I used are part of a lovingly assembled collection. I seldom wear them anymore, but I keep buying them. Some are from  London’s Portobello Road, acquired when I visited Camille.  Others I bought in vintages stores in New York, Panama or Miami. Bought one at the Alphonse Mucha Museum in Prague, another at a vintage show in New Milford, CT when my son Frank was in prep-school. Camille has given me a couple of stunning ones. My mother and grandmother contributed with gorgeous pieces of their own. I take them out every now and again and look at them and put them back. I think this must change now!!!

It was too much fun just to do it this once. I am wearing more hats, after all, I have decided to completely change my image. My grey hair is still growing out, so why not!!!

More to come………

IMG_1548IMG_1563A most welcome change from politics, don’t you think? I have followed Judith’s blog for a while. Admiring her sense of style and thinking how easy she makes looking glamorous. Now it’s time to see if I can conjure some of my own. Thanks for this idea, hope you find my creations up to your standards or at least interesting!!!!



12 thoughts on “Politics, Hats and Brooches…….Oh My!!!

  1. Love your hats! You can see that you love them too. You wear them beautifully. I used to have a collection but had to get rid of most because of space. And yes politics yech!!! We can never win in those discussions. And brooches, I love looking at them, but I’m always afraid of getting stung by them. I love wearing my hats and I try to tell people they are the best protectors. Keep wearing and sharing those hats. Thanks!

    • Thanks, Dolly!!! You are right, they are the best protection, especially for those of us who love the beach. I am now determined to wear hats more often….surely we can be a bit flamboyant at our age? Which brings me to brooches, they will be worn more often as well. Politics….a forgotten subject.

    • Thanks! I do love hats and had a lot of fun with them. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Have fun when you can and preferably at your own expense…it’s good for the soul!!!

  2. Absolutely…politics is a no no even with best friends. Never go that way unless you want to end a good friendship. Hats are far safer and you looking smashing in them!! Take them out from lock and key and start flaunting your stuff.

    • Yes, I always thought so, but sometimes…..what can I tell you. On the hats front, I agree. Had so much fun with them, flaunting is in the plans. Thanks!!!

  3. Ah, politics. I broke the rule once with a friend and will never do that again. It still makes me cringe just to think about it. I really embarrassed myself. Fortunately, a mutual friend said something to make us come back to reality but the room became very quiet. What a lesson! But I love your hats. I don’t think we can buy a dress hat anywhere in the state anymore; only sport or sun protection type hats. I think you’ve found the perfect solution for helping you with growing out your hair. Enjoyed this one also, Mercedes.

    • Oh, yes…I did break the rule and it was not enjoyable. Will keep to my resolution from now on.
      I love hats, cannot understand why we don’t wear them anymore! You are probably on to something: sports hats have taken over. Brooches are another passion and after this, I will wear them also. So glad you are enjoying my posts, Betty!!!

  4. Hats and brooches! A fabulous idea! And you look gorgeous in each and every hat in your review. Thank you for sharing your creativity with Hat Attack.

    • Wonderful to hear from you, Judith. Thanks for the compliment!!! You are an inspiration, really enjoyed putting my creativity to work for your May Hat Attack.

  5. You look fab with those hats!!! It has always been a source of entertainment for your two sisters to watch you change hats and model them for us whenever we found ourselves together on a shopping adventure. That is a pastime that we practice less and less nowadays. I miss those moments of hilarity…. Now we get together more often but levity is scarce….
    Discussing politics is always like walking in a minefield; try always to avoid it but once in a while the opportunity present itself and you are unable to pas it up. As friends I believe everybody understands, well sort off, and can move on from this quip!

    • Thanks, Beautiful!!! I had a lot of fun doing this. “Selfies” are not the best, but good enough. I do remember and miss those times as well. We have to take a trip just for fun….and laugh, eat, drink and just be silly. Of course, we need retail therapy as well!!!

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