It’s been a year: She did it!!!

IMG_2465Cannot believe it, but it’s true. One year ago today, I colored my hair for the last time. In the months that followed I have had ups and downs, but have managed to keep my cool and go on. Must say once again: I love my new look!!! My hair shines, has a life of its own and I feel liberated.

Have you seen those Daily Horoscopes that come as junk into your email? I receive one everyday. Do not open them, just read the introductory sentence and delete them. Never believe in horoscopes, but find them intriguing. So many people follow these messages and do nothing without consulting them. In my case, more than once I have found these title sentences match my mood, my challenges on that day or simply I can relate to them. Who would have known!!! Today my message said: NEW FREEDOMS. How appropriate.

In the past year, I have encountered very positive reactions, but have also seen smirks, half smiles and some head shakes. What to do. Life is not meant to be lived by other people standards. Keeping positive about this has taught me more about myself than I could have learned any other way.

I want to thank my friends that encouraged me, the ones that told me I look great and they wish they were brave enough do the same and the ones that have praised my courage. I also want to thank the ones that predicted doom and gloom and old age, the ones that tried to make me see the error of my ways and the ones that told me this would never come to anything…..I would just give up and color my hair again. Most importantly, I want to thank everyone for following my journey. Thank you so much for being there with good advise or warnings. Thank you for your praise or your subtle mockery. I feel wonderful and I feel better than I have in years!!!!

One more time, here is my journey in pictures:IMG_0858

Just when I decided to go grey, as you can see I look a bit surprised!!!  Was not exactly sure if I was doing the right thing or what color would be uncovered after so many years of coloring. Glad I didn’t pay attention to those thoughts.






Then I had grey roots, not a good look, but I was still determined. After all, my hair was still long and I could pull it back in a ponytail!!! This was the worst time. I really needed some help.




Camille came to the rescue and I was treated to highlights. They looked fantastic and gave me a few weeks of peace of mind.





Of course, soon enough I had to make another decision. I found out that what I needed was lowlights!!! Another trip to the salon and the first haircut. Not unhappy about the results and I gained another few weeks of relative peace.


Not a dull moment…….I needed another haircut because I was running out of patience with my multicolor hair. Was very pleased with the results and the time that I was given. Unfortunately,  we uncovered a problem….too much blond on one side, too much grey on the other. It seemed like I was destined to forgo my idea of doing this without cutting my hair too short.IMG_1800




 “In for a penny, in for a pound” as the Brits say. Another haircut took care of the multicolor look.

Finally, I have a full head of grey hair…….short grey hair…… but the color is gone!!! Yeah!!!!! I am so glad I tossed that bottle, so glad I listened to myself. As challenges go, this was not as difficult as I thought. It was not as easy either. One thing is certain: I have found ME and I love her. Now to let my hair grow, enjoy the new me and share the results.IMG_2459






22 thoughts on “It’s been a year: She did it!!!

  1. You look fantastic, Mercedes. I really like the style also. I am about ready to stop coloring mine as it is so dull after the first wash. They can’t figure out what is going on. I just want my hair to shine like it always has until the past year or two. I now have short hair so that should make it easier. It also worries me what the true color of my hair might be. Take care and enjoy your freedom and the newly found YOU!

    • Thanks, Betty!!! Do not worry about the color you’ll get. That was one of my worries and it turned out to be for nothing. Shorter hair makes it easy to stop. As your hair grows out, it will get shiny and healthier. Keep getting a haircut every few weeks to get rid of the dull ends. Send me photos!!! Take care…

  2. Mercedes me encanto leer tu experiencia, redactada de una manera impecable, senti como si hubiese estado a tu lado a cada paso, mis cumplidos no solamente por el coraje y la determinacion para cumplir tus deseos sino tambien por la fabulosa manera como compartiste este proceso y el resultado despues de un año. Definitivamente nos sentimos mejor cuando nos liberamos y nos damos gusto disfrutando nuestros propios gustos!! Te ves super, un abrazo

    • Gracias, Elizabeth!!! Tienes toda la razón. LLegamos a un momento en nuestras vidas en el cual lo más importante es ser fiel a nuestros deseos y nuestras necesidades. La decisión no fue fácil, pero el resultado valió la pena. Nada en la vida es más satisfactorio que lograr una meta. Es por eso que este blog ha sido la mejor idea que he tenido en años. Abrazos…

  3. I can not believe it was a year ago. I salute your courage you look great, wish I had the courage to do the same. Maybe one day as I always say !!! Hope all goes well with your mother and will talk to you soon.

    • Kathy, how wonderful to see you here!!! Yes, it took courage, but mostly it took patience. Not one of my best qualities….not even one of qualities some will say, but I am very pleased with the results. Of course you can do it, you already have your hair short. It will take a lot less time!!! Almost ready for the trip…will keep you posted.

  4. Mercedes, you look more AbFab than I ever dreamed, you go girl! Congratulations on your perserverance and results….I too cannot believe it´s already been a year. I recall when you started on your journey. Miss you so much, propose (again) you and Frankie come visit us in the fall to see the colors! I´ll be back in Montreal on the 26 September.

    • Thank you, Rosie!!! I have found ME and, as I said, I love her. It has been an interesting journey and I have learned a lot. Miss you too!!! Miami is not the same. I am traveling to see Mother and will visit for sure when you get back. Dying to see your new home!!!

      • It’s slowly but surely coming along, most of the deficiencies in the condo have been resolved however the kitchen cabinet manufacturer is playing hide & seek. Oh well, eventually it will be resolved. I leave Sunday for Spain & France. So excited to go back to Europe this year, what a treat. I’ll no doubt miss Serge but he elected not to go, instead he’s going trekking up in Northern Quebec with a friend. Personally I think he’s crazy to prefer trekking but to each their own, or how they say on my island, cada loco con su tema! Besos

        • Glad to hear that….you are in no hurry. Better wait to have everything done properly. Trekking? cannot contemplate doing such!!! Enjoy your trip….don’t know about mine yet. xoxo

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