Going Back……Looking Forward

Just came back from visiting Panamá. It seems I am always there and seldom do I do something that makes my stay memorable. I visit my mother, I keep things running, I try to read as much as I can, I relax when not running errands. Not much, but all of it necessary.

IMG_2553This time, I did have something to look forward to while I was doing all this. Once I return to the city, I was going to see some of my high school friends. I haven’t seen some of them since we graduated. The thought kept me going and made me smile when I felt harassed and stressed getting things done. Anabella, though, could not attend so I got together with her while still visiting my mother. We had a lovely time!!!

The day finally came. I drove back to the city and went out for drinks with my sister. My relaxing time had started. Despite the many reports of high crime and robberies at night, we had a wonderful time at a new wine and tapas bar: JALEO. It was full and everyone seemed relaxed and having fun.

After a good night sleep, I awoke full of energy and ready to meet my friends. Getting ready took a short time, I always wear comfortable clothes when in Panamá….it is too hot for fussy dressing. My hair was a snap to style and I was once again grateful for my new look!!! Ran a couple of errands with my sister and went to the restaurant.

We met at LUNA a restaurant that belongs to one of my friends’ husband. Its sleek decor is soothing and chic. Coming in, I noticed they have seated us in a special room, with a big table, comfortable chairs and encased in glass. Perfect setting for our reunion: a fish bowl with privacy. Good going, Damaris!!


Jeanette, Irma, Alida, Ada, Leyda and Lourdes were already there. Isabel, Ambar, Irene, Damaris and Montserrat joined us one by one. How wonderful to see everyone!!! Was so pleased to feel welcome as if have never stopped seeing each other. It was as if we have always been in touch.

Talk started about what have I been doing all these years, what have they been up to, catching up. Children, grandchildren, new and old relationships and current activities. Slowly, we moved to the past: school days, boyfriends, guys we all liked because they were just too cute, teachers, nuns……yes, I attended an all-girl Catholic school. There were only 30 girls in my graduating class.Twelve were there.

Those were the days: uniforms, so no competition in what we wore, no make-up and no high-style hairdo. Well, we did have Lupita, who managed to look glamorous in uniform. Nowadays, everyone looks fantastic and it seems they don’t age!!! My grey hair was a surprise…more or less. Even if they complimented me, they assured me they would never do it, forget it!!! That is fine, I am not looking into converting anyone to my way of thinking. One of them remembered that last time she saw me I was sporting a blondish Twiggy haircut. She said it was fitting that today I am sporting something similar. How very nice of her!!!

The food was delicious, the wine was just the thing and the company was perfect. We talked and shared and laughed for a better part of four hours. Amazing!!! It was going back and looking forward, reminiscing about our past lives and planning to keep in touch in our new ones. When we said goodbye, I felt a bit sad, but have to say: I am looking forward to these mini-reunions. There is so much for us to still do and enjoy and we need the time to share it all. Thank you, girls!!!

P.S. click on the restaurants name to get more information.

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  1. Very nice, Beautiful, I am so glad you have a great time with you friends…hope you come back soon and do it again..specially with your little and charming sis!!!

    1. Thank you, Beautiful!!! I did have a great time, I also had a great time with you. As always, you can make me relax and enjoy the little things, laugh out loud and forget my worries. Let’s do it again soon.

  2. Mercedes: I was very sorry to miss the lunch with you and “the girls” but I was attending a conference. Please make it back soon and I promise to make sure to be there as well. I had seen your article about your hair right here in Linked In and had seen your pictures so I was well apprised of your new look. I’m sure that you all had a great time!!!

    1. We missed you, we had a wonderful time!!! Of course I will let you know for next time. These reunions are priceless and we should continue to make them happen…….I know I will do my best. Thanks for following my ramblings!!!!

  3. A true friendship is one without strings attached and when you get together you pick up the conversation as if there hasn’t been a gap in time. It sounds as if you ladies have passed with flying colors. So glad you all had a great time.

  4. It is always good to go back and feel like you never left….to be welcomed with such warmth and care makes you think perhaps what you missed all these years. Life would have certainly been different for the three of us if we have kept our friends a little bit closer. Nevertheless, we are now enjoying getting to know them again…..

    1. Life would have been different for sure. I think not only if we kept in touch with our school friends, but if we have gone back to live there. As you say, we are having a ball getting to know them again, and they getting to know us!!!

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