Being Thankful

Thanksgiving-Graphics-2On this last week of November, a month of Thanks, we celebrate Thanksgiving. It is by far my favorite holiday. It is completely non-denominational, there is no religious affiliation unless you want it to be, there is an openness and acceptance that crosses any such barriers as religion, race, culture and ethnicity. Anyone can celebrate Thanksgiving, making it one wonderful holiday!!!

In this consumer-oriented, expenditure driven and over-done everything world, Thanksgiving gets lost. After all, nobody gets presents on this Holiday, so malls and stores basically ignore it. We go from Halloween to Christmas without a thought. Money talks and this reality proves it. I might be a bit harsh…..supermarkets make a killing. This is the Holiday that brings us an unlimited amount of eating. Yes, that cannot be ignored. On the other hand, food has always been what brings people together. The tastes and traditions we learned at home stay with us forever, so when we give thanks, we eat!!!

Thanksgiving, though, is more than the act of getting together to eat. We might not get presents, is true, but we get something more important. We get to visit with our family, sit around the table actually talking to each other, spending time with our elders, enjoying our young ones and having a quiet day at home. Sadly, not a very interesting pursuit for a lot of people in modern society, but a most important one. Giving thanks makes us focus on the good things in our lives. Giving thanks makes us see what we really have and what is important to our well-being. These are the things we should be thankful for and we celebrate them on this day: who we are, who we love, what we have and what makes us happy. This appreciation of our lives, this feeling of fulfillment and contentment is what keeps us going the rest of the year. We sit down and give thanks and we know it’s the right thing to do.

Have a most wonderful Thanksgiving. Give thanks for everything you have and share your tables and your hearts with those you love.

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    1. Yes, so much to be thankful for and we should be. This year both my children will be here for Thanksgiving, it will be wonderful. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Ugo……

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