Gifts to Give Yourself: #4


Barb has posted her last gift to herself. This, she says, is the hardest one to work with. She is so right. In these uncertain times, when we are bombarded by horrible news, tragedies and acts of inhumanity, we feel dispirited and holding on to this gift is difficult. Still, if we do, we are certain to come up with another way, another solution, a better day. I am sure you can guess that this last gift is The Gift of Hope.

The world is not the perfect place we want it to be, but that doesn’t mean we should give up on it. Let’s hope for something better, and then act upon it. Hope that turns into action can accomplish anything. Everyday we should look forward to tomorrow with the certainty that we can make it better than today. There is always a new job, a new move, a new relationship, a new chapter in our lives and we must hope they’d turn out for the best. Let’s hope that we can heal emotional wounds and broken hearts. Let ‘s hope  that we can make this a better place for our loved ones.

There is nothing we cannot do if we have hope in another day or in another chance. “Hope makes all things work…”, a very wise quote by my friend Brenda. Because it’s so true, let’s give ourselves The Give of Hope.

Wishing you a Happy Holiday Season: a Season to write your story, a Season to understand your fear, a Season of giving of yourselves and a Season of hope!!!

Gifts to give Yourself: #3


Throughout my life I have celebrated this season in different ways. I think this is true for whoever has moved away from their home country, married someone who is from another country, another culture. Each stage in my life has given me reasons to be happy during these days; even if I felt a bit sad or nostalgic, Giving was a constant.

This week, Barb provided us with her next gift idea: The Gift of Giving. As we all know, this is the crazy shopping season. We go out of our way to see what we can give our love ones, our friends, our colleagues, each and every person in our lives. It becomes exhausting and frustrating. We plan surprises, we try to figure out what our children, spouse or significant other would like. We try to find the perfect gift for the ones that have everything, for the ones that need everything. We all know people who plan, know exactly what to buy and buy with time to spare. I am not one of those people: this is a nightmare for me. This is why I still haven’t finished my Christmas shopping!!!

Now, the GIVING Barb is talking about is the one that should make all of us feel wonderful. She is talking about the gift of giving yourself to others!!! These are the gifts that give back instantly, the ones that gladden your heart and make you feel all warm and fuzzy, the ones that become memories you will cherish forever.

In this Season to give, generosity and caring are the best gifts. Volunteer at a food bank, visit an old-people home and bring home-made cookies, sing along with them. If the urge to engage in some retail therapy is strong:  buy some toys, some fine toiletries and deliver them to a shelter for battered women. Make a point to give something to the people asking for money at an intersection. Whatever you decide, do it in person, see the faces of those you are helping. Your Season of Giving will give you back tenfold!!!!



Will These break the Cycle?


It’s been a little over a month since I started using L’Oreal Age Perfect Cell Renewal creams and serum. I am not usually impressed by beauty creams. Unfortunately, my experience has been that most do not live up to their promises. Over the years this became a cycle: try one, let go, try another, back to the first and so on. When I started this, I didn’t know if these products would be the ones to break that cycle.

True, I was impressed with the creams absorbed easily into my skin. The serum was silky and soft and all had the most delicious scent. Dry patches began to disappear and my skin was softer. Still, I didn’t know if I would stick with them, but was encouraged to continue with my routine.

I am happy to report that so far, so good. I have noticed enough change with these #CellRenewal creams to continue. Not only is my skin softer, its tone has even out and I have been complimented about it!!! Friends have asked me what am I using and a woman at the hairdresser commented on my grey hair going so well with my lovely skin. That made my day.

The Holidays are upon us, this is the time to share the news with my friends. Now, I am letting you in on a secret. L’Oreal is giving away a  $2.00 coupon so you can try these products. Take advantage, here is the link: Holiday Gift Coupon. Who doesn’t like a gift of beauty? Make sure you let me know how this works for you!!!


I am participating in a Vibrant Influencer Network campaign for L’Oreal Age Perfect. I am receiving a fee for posting; however, the opinions expressed in this post are my own. I am in no way affiliated with L’Oreal Age Perfect and do not earn a commission or percent of sales.

Gifts to give Yourself: #1 and #2 belong to an online group of women over 50. I can see you smiling….I am over 60 actually, but who is counting. This is one of my favorite sites: a community of older women that can really express themselves, give advice, conjure smiles, tears, laughs, serious thoughts. For a while now, I have followed Barb Parcells. She writes a blog under the screen name: Flower Bear.

Her posts are always a delight to read. Her blog is relaxing, with soft colors, flowers. It is her garden because she is planting the seeds for the second half of life. Doesn’t that sound inspiring?

During this Christmas Season, she has decided to give herself four gifts that speak to “her true, beautiful self”. One gift every week leading to Christmas Day. I discovered this just now and was absolutely taken by the idea.

This I am going to do for myself, following her direction. I am sharing the idea, why don’t you join me? Her ideas might not be exactly what you would do for yourself, but I am certain they will speak to you once you read the reason behind each one.

The first week, she is giving herself The Gift of Story. I love it!!! I keep journals, so this one should be good for me. I am going to go through my writings and I will write my story, happy ending and all!!!. Why and how you ask? very simple: I am writing about the experiences that touched me, the special moments that made me smile, the words of wisdom that helped my loved ones. Sounds like an adventure, can’t wait.

On this second week of December, she is giving herself The Gift of Fear. I have to say, this sounded a bit odd. As I continued reading, it became clear: “danger is the warning…… Fear, on the other hand, is a choice”. That was a revelation. Barb lets us know that if we fear something it’s because we are missing something in our lives. We are not living in the present moment, the past should just be left behind. Beautiful thoughts.

                                               Flower Bear’s Garden

P.S. visit her blog, it’s worth it!!!