Gifts to give Yourself: #3


Throughout my life I have celebrated this season in different ways. I think this is true for whoever has moved away from their home country, married someone who is from another country, another culture. Each stage in my life has given me reasons to be happy during these days; even if I felt a bit sad or nostalgic, Giving was a constant.

This week, Barb provided us with her next gift idea: The Gift of Giving. As we all know, this is the crazy shopping season. We go out of our way to see what we can give our love ones, our friends, our colleagues, each and every person in our lives. It becomes exhausting and frustrating. We plan surprises, we try to figure out what our children, spouse or significant other would like. We try to find the perfect gift for the ones that have everything, for the ones that need everything. We all know people who plan, know exactly what to buy and buy with time to spare. I am not one of those people: this is a nightmare for me. This is why I still haven’t finished my Christmas shopping!!!

Now, the GIVING Barb is talking about is the one that should make all of us feel wonderful. She is talking about the gift of giving yourself to others!!! These are the gifts that give back instantly, the ones that gladden your heart and make you feel all warm and fuzzy, the ones that become memories you will cherish forever.

In this Season to give, generosity and caring are the best gifts. Volunteer at a food bank, visit an old-people home and bring home-made cookies, sing along with them. If the urge to engage in some retail therapy is strong:  buy some toys, some fine toiletries and deliver them to a shelter for battered women. Make a point to give something to the people asking for money at an intersection. Whatever you decide, do it in person, see the faces of those you are helping. Your Season of Giving will give you back tenfold!!!!



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    1. Thanks, Rosie!! I am following a blogger from Up State NY. She is giving herself four gifts for Christmas, one each week before the 25th. I just add on to her choice with suggestions of my own. It has been inspiring and I wanted to share with my friends. Glad you agree…..

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