Dress like you’re having Fun!!! (Part One)

IMG_4001No, I don’t wear that, it’s too young-looking for me, I don’t know about bright colors at my age, no sleeveless anything, too short, too much cleavage, too fitted, too loose, no bikinis, no shorts and let’s forget about form-fitting clothes……”  Who makes these rules? and why do women feel obliged to follow them? Judith Boyd, whose blog Style Crone is one of my favorites, says that “we should know the rules, so we can break them“……I like that. Patti Gibbons from Not Dead yet Style, it’s also an inspiration. She advises us “to burst out with a love for fashion and style“….Couldn’t agree more!!!

When we were young, we could wear anything and be called original,  innovative, unique. Nowadays we are called old-fashioned, out-of-touch with the times and who knows what else. Well, I am not going to be bothered by any of that. I have come to the conclusion that women of a certain age have been held back long enough. We do not have to listen and still look fabulous!!!IMG_4009

IMG_3996Do you remember when our mothers decided what we wore? I am one of three sisters. For years, our mother dressed us alike, different colors, a bow here, a belt there, but basically the same dress. Oh, we thought nothing of it for years. Did you wear a hat on Easter Sunday? My sisters and I wore ours on Palm Sunday. Mothers knew best and we had no saying in our outfits. Those days were gone as soon as we hit middle school, remember?. Our personalities took over to a point. We had some freedom, but still not complete control.

FullSizeRenderHigh school was a lot freer and more fun. We discovered that our clothes could say a lot about us. It was an epiphany, especially where I grew up. I had my hair styled as Twiggy’s famous do, wore huge white sunglasses, plastic bangles and earrings, false eyelashes and much more. It was so much fun. Remembering that, I realize that I once was one of those young women that were considered unique and original…….if not a bit off in my circle of friends.

Never mind when I came to the States for college, it was the 60s after all. Boston was home to students from around the globe, bringing with them so many interesting things to wear. So, I learned to wear what I liked, took risks with my clothes, wore the shortest skirts, knee-high boots with hot-pants……you name it, I wore it!!!

IMG_4002Then I grew up, got married, started a family, became more conventional, but only to a point.  I’ve always loved being myself, not always expecting anyone to like my style. Unfortunately, I started to get too comfortable. Our bodies change, mine did and somehow, I thought I should conform with rules. What was I thinking? Why was I listening to outside influences when I never cared about them? Still, it did happened. Now, I am back to my old self………and I am having fun again!!! I will tell you all about it soon. Stay tuned……for Part Two!!!IMG_0809

10 thoughts on “Dress like you’re having Fun!!! (Part One)

  1. Love your pictures and blog! Wish I would not be so controlled by what others might think and I am learning to be my own person. Can’t wait for Part 2!

  2. You always look GREAT!!

    Totally recognize the ‘body changing'(not getting to terms w/it yet😬). Find myself thinking and doing some of those things you mention:”this is too short, too tight, my arms are too fat….”. It becomes more of a challenge to find a balance and feel happy w/ what I’m wearing. I think some women do get too ‘comfortable’ and give up, surrender, to the changes.
    But now you got me curious as to your ‘new fun’ part!! Can’t wait till part 2😉. Xx

    • Thanks, Val!!! You always look wonderful, believe me, so do not surrender, be confident that you know yourself best. I am having fun with this and already getting that post organized!!!

  3. Love you with the Twiggy cut that I too had. Seems we dressed alike way back then. Now on my road trip, I’m fairly disheveled, not really but I haven’t got time or space to worry about my ‘outfit’. It’s all I can do to get up, out and on the road.

    • Thanks, Irene, I loved the cut and kept it for a while. Great minds think alike, hence our shared taste in fashion!! I doubt that you just “get up, out and on the road”…..there are certain things that just come naturally.

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