We are What we Eat…….

DSC00647.JPGSuch an old saying, such a great truth, but such ignored one as well!!! Since my daughter moved back to the States from London, I have slowly changed my food shopping habits and my cooking ways. You all know I am not a cook, but we all have to cook at one point or another. I preferred reservations for a long time and I still enjoy dinning out; it’s just that these days I am more careful with everything I prepare and eat.

Healthy eating has become a priority in my life. As we grow older, good health is our most important asset. Taking care of what we eat is the first step to achieve a healthy lifestyle. So, I am now on a quest to spread the word. It has helped me, trust me.

Health issues are part of everyone’s life at one point or another. We do not have to suffer from incurable illnesses to understand this. Painful joints, high blood pressure, borderline sugar levels, problems with insomnia or weight issues just get worse with age. As in any modern society, our first impulse is to visit the doctor and start taking medication. We are all guilty of this!!

Do not get me wrong, when medication is needed, we all should take it, but we should also give Nature a chance. With that in mind, I decided to eat healthy. It surprised me how easy it was and how good it has been for me despite my health issues. Highly recommend it!!!

IMG_5442First thing I did was get my supplements in organic form and ditch the multivitamin pills. I do take more pills in the morning, but only specific ones that help my needs. Besides, I do not take fillers, additives and other harmful substances.

Second decision, drinking more water; not just any water, but flavored water. Anything that can give health benefits have found its way into my water jug: lemons, ginger, cucumbers, chlorophyll and other fruits and veggies. My jug is always full in the fridge, ready for me to enjoy. Soon these two changes started to make a difference, it was time to move on.

IMG_5445I started looking for specific foods that would help with my health issues and with keeping healthy. I came up with: olive oil, fermented foods like sauerkraut and kimchi, organic and raw honey, green tea, organic fruits and vegetables. Chicken and fish are still part of my diet, but they must be organic, a bit more expensive but worth it. Beef and pork make an appearance only once in a while!!! Lots of the veggies I serve are raw or steamed, same with fruits. Eggs, always misunderstood, are good too. I did learn to eat avocados and papaya…never liked then before.

Cooking healthy is also important. You start with the best you can get, you better do a good job preparing them!!! I broil, grill or stew, I never fry. Boiling has become a science since over boiling can make you food bland, destroy nutrients. This include hard-boiled eggs….didn’t know that. This is the healthier way to do hard-boil eggs. Put eggs in a pot and cover with water. Bring to a quick boil, cover and turn off heat. Let eggs stand there for about 10 minutes, put them in cool water and peel….perfect eggs!!!

Most of the time, I do not use recipes…I just improvise using ingredients I have at home. Fresh herbs and spices, onions, garlic, peppers and tomatoes are always welcome. Cheese is a favorite and a challenge. I have accepted the fact that organic cheese is not easy to find where I live. So I try to look for simple kinds: Latin style white cheese, cottage cheese, any brand that offers the least amounts of ingredients in their cheese. It has worked so far.

DSC00513As I said before, I am no expert in any of this, but I feel strongly about my health. I will continue to learn and share. One last piece of advise: visit farmers markets. It has become the rage to have them in big cities. You are buying local and helping the economy. If you get to know the sellers in your favorite market, you can get the best products. On the other hand, be careful where you go. Some so called farmers markets sell products that are bought from big wholesalers.

It is never too late to take control of your health. Take the challenge and start soon…good luck!!!