Look for What Completes You….

We must never stop looking for what makes us complete. Such a simple and true statement, such an easy way to keep ourselves engaged, alive and in charge of our lives.

In the great scheme of life, as we grow older we grow wiser. It is not that we were not wise before, or at least some of us were, it’s that we begin to see everything around us in relation to ourselves. We become, finally, the center of our own world.

We still love our family, our friends, our partner, but we now love ourselves more. So we look for what complete us within ourselves, not outside. It is a realization that makes us wonder why we didn’t think about it before.

In this new mood we have acquire, we must always look for what complete us. This can be anything: the book we want to write, the places we want to visit, the music we want to hear, the art we want to create and the new life we want to live. It can be anything, even finding the love of our lives.

None of these things come to us at the same time, not all of them get into our paths unaided. We must actively look for them. Sometimes, they come as we need them, as we are now prepared to accept them. We must recognize them and embrace them. This is our time, this is what we must do.

If we just move along, accepting what comes our way, we cannot expect to be completed. We cannot expect to live this time in our lives to the fullest. So, never, never stop looking for what can complete you. Never stop looking for what fills you up and make you who you really were meant to be.

Such a wonderful time in our lives. Who ever said that aging is a stale process, a time of slowing down and letting things pass us by? Whoever said that or thought that should wake up and look around. Getting older is an amazing journey and we must enjoy every step.


Photo: ID4237914 Httin/Dreamstime.com