The Invites are Ready…..The Puzzle is Complete.


All those months we spend planning our daughters weddings are something we will never forget. There have been the usual ups and downs, the faux-pas, the moments of panic, the tears, the joys, the arguments and the sleepless nights. There have been days you’d wish all gone and finished and days when you didn’t want this time to end.

Your daughter and you got on each other’s nerves, you couldn’t help but think this was more than you could handle. Then you remembered her ballet presentations, her birthday parties, her sport tournaments, her graduations (from K5 to college). You remembered her achievements, her awards, her disappointments when things didn’t turn out the way she thought……all those moments when you were so close, that you were the one there to hug her, to encourage her, to cry with her and to share her successes. All is well then.

When the planning started you would have never thought it was going to be this hard. Actually, you thought you could manage very well, thank you. Didn’t take long to realize that it was not going to be that way. You argued and disagreed, not only with your daughter, but with your husband too.  You had to stop and count to ten more times than you want to admit. So many details you thought were easy to achieve……think again, you know that now. From the guest list to the decision of going with champagne or prosecco. Cake or not, buffet or sit down dinner…….

While working on all of this, you were shopping for a wedding gown. You went and saw her try more than one dress. You saw her in some dresses you loved and some you were not so crazy about. Then one day, she tried  a dress and her face lit up and her eyes glistened with tears. She smiled and you knew: she had found her Wedding Gown!!! It is perfect and she looks beautiful…your little girl is getting married!!!

Foolishly, you thought that the dress was picked and everything else would be easier now. Of course, it was in a way, but then you saw your daughter trying to explain the attire, selecting places for those wedding pictures, telling her dad what to wear. Then came the other important question: veil or not. Somehow, this part worked out and you were not too involved..

In the meantime, you have decided what to wear, what color and what shoes…..something elegant, that hides your small imperfections, something that would not distract from the bride. Shoes that you can dance in…because there will be dancing.

The venue, the catering, the reception, the music and the decorations are all taken care of. The wedding planners have been amazing and the bride and groom have helped in everything they could.

Then you sat back one day and told yourself:  you were there, always….building her confidence and mending her broken heart. Now this is changing. This will be the last big party you are planning for her. She has someone to share her life with, to plan everything from now on. You will help, if asked, but the planning, the excursion and the credit will be all hers. This is your Swan Song, Mom, you told yourself, make it memorable!!!

Still it didn’t seem real. There was something missing and you did not know what it was. As much as you had worked on the details, you were sure there was something that was not complete yet. And then it was right there, in front of you: The Invites have arrived!!! There is no going back, there is only forward…..this wedding is taking place and you couldn’t be happier. You deserve a pat on the shoulders, you deserve to sit down with a drink and a smile. Your beautiful daughter is getting married, it is there in glorious colors addressed to all your friends and family. Here it is to gorgeous brides and beautiful weddings, to handsome grooms and happily ever afters!!!


P.S. Thank you to Lilliput Design Studio for the gorgeous invites!!! I highly recommend this talented artist, Cristina Fundora.


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