The Life of a Tech-Challenged Blogger


I have done this blog thing for a while now. It keeps me sane and helps me put into words what I have learned, what I am still learning. It is a way to stay in touch with my ideas and to share them. Hopefully, I am helping someone out there to navigate the waters of graceful aging. Or better yet, I am helping myself!! It has been a rewarding experience for the most part and I am having fun doing it. It is a great stress release, a way to keep sane at a time when many things in my life are changing.

My passion is writing……everything else is just a mystery. I have learned a lot, I think, but not enough. Truthfully, I have little patience for all this technological stuff. It seems alright one day and incomprehensible the next. Things work out today and totally fall apart tomorrow. For a couple of months, a notice of website not secure in red pops up when I open my blog. Then there are the suspicious users with strange email addresses that have accumulated on my user page. Some of those I have discovered are in China, Russia or who knows where else. I can delete as many as I can, more and more pop up.

Do not get me wrong, I love the fact that out there people are reading my posts. On the other hand, nothing ever comes from that because not one of them has ever made a comment or left a line. Very frustrating!!! On the other hand, do I really need feedback? Will let you know when I figure this out.

All this time I have debated with myself about my blog. Why? It is nothing I can do about the technological part of it. I have to keep trying and keep writing. My server has helped and, most importantly, my son has lent a hand. I have learned a few new tricks and they seem to be working…so far. This is it as good as it will get.

Finally, I am just getting back to my writing, leaving behind all the other stuff. Absolutely ignoring if anyone reads the blog or subscribes to it. That was never the reason to start this blog. I do not need approval or consent. All I need is the desire to share and to write.

Life is good, I am still learning and I am still willing to share what I learn. Everything else is just incidental.