The Joyful Art of Useful Gifting

Here we are in the Holiday Season, decorating, preparing our home and shopping for presents. Every year we go through the same routine. It is familiar and comforting, makes us feel good and our first thought is to share the Joy. This time of the year this means: gifting!!!

Stores and malls, on-line shopping sites and just about everyplace you can think of is offering countless ways to share our Holiday cheer by buying gifts. The more the better it seems. It is hard to avoid the onslaught of adverts on television, online, on newspapers and magazines. The world just goes berserk during this time. 

As I have grown older, the whole idea of shopping for the Holidays has become overwhelming. I have recognized that we must exchange gifts, show everyone how much they mean to us…..but somehow the excessive commercialism displayed these days it’s to much for me.

A few years back, I started giving only what I thought my loved ones wanted or needed. Everything else became superfluous, no more piles of presents under the tree. It has been a success, at least in my eyes. So far nobody seems cheated in any way or has complained to me. I will leave it  at that!!!

This year, I am going a bit farther. Everyone is getting something meaningful, something that reflects how I feel about them and most importantly: it is useful. My loved ones’ hobbies and preferences, for example, were carefully selected. In some cases, I included things that will be kept for years. Hopefully, they will become part of the memories we are creating this Christmas.

This decision has made my shopping enjoyable, easy, and yes, joyful. It is a new tradition, a new feeling of peace and a new way to be remembered. After all, that is the point of gifting!!!