Age and Food

Life keeps moving on whether we like it or not. Aging doesn’t stop and, as much as we wish for it, it cannot be reversed. Sorry!!! Those are facts and we might as well adjust accordingly. That means many things, but I want to start with food. Yes, food as the means to stay more active, more engaged and happier. It will be what carries us on, what will makes us healthy. So let’s talk food….

Most people love food, many for the wrong reasons. Food is necessary, food is comforting, food brings us together. There is also the fact that food can make us sick or healthy. How many times have we heard the cliché: we are what we eat? More than we want to admit, the problem is that most of us ignore this. After all, whatever we are craving at the moment takes precedent.

As we age, what we eat becomes more important. Our bodies change and our nutritional needs are different. More than ever, eating right becomes a matter of longer life, better quality of life. Consequently, we must pay more attention to what we eat.

I suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis. This is an autoimmune disease produced by your immune system attacking your body. Unfortunately it is so much more than arthritis and should not be confused with osteoarthritis.

Combined with age, eating properly has become more important now. Fruits and vegetables have become my best friends. I have said goodbye to red meat, pork and processed foods. At the same time, I have limited in my diet certain other things: gluten, nightshade vegetables, dairy and alcohol.

Since I have tried all my life to eat healthy, have to say so far so good. Not easy when you love bread, tomatoes and the occasional drink. To help me along, I keep a food diary. Everything that I eat gets recorded and then I watch for any changes in my body, such as inflammation, pain, fever, tiredness. Sleepless nights and fatigue are part of this cycle.

Of course you do not have to be sick to adopt this life style. Your body will thank you and the energy and wellbeing you will feel be more than worth it. Life is full of wonderful things we still want to do…….eat your way to a better you so you can enjoy them!!!

The No Fight against Stress

As much as we want to keep our lives stress free, it doesn’t happen easily. This is mostly because we are conditioned to take everything too seriously. To take things in stride, to accept what is happening with a measure of calm is hard. Consequently, we take a different route and stress more. We are to blame for this…….we let stress rule our lives and do little to manage it. Instead, we fight it.

We think of managing stress as a fight. This is not the way to a solution. Fight implies a struggle, a give and take that cannot be helpful. We must just get a hold of this struggle and make it softer, calmer, more reasonable. That is the only way to get a positive resolution.

Absolutely not easy, trust me. After all, we do tend to complicate everything, don’t we? At least most of us do, because there is always someone that can do this effortlessly. The rest of us must try and try and breathe…and finally learn.

Slowly and with determination, we should move forward with this idea. Taking one day at a time, one situation at the time, there is nothing else that will work.

This is what we should be doing these days: slowly learning how to get stress out of our life. Catching the rhythm, not going with the flow, of what everyday life brings. Nothing else….

New Year, Same Life

2019 has arrived and most of us did as we always do: we made resolutions. For the last couple of years, I have refused to go along with this. Lets be honest……resolutions are meant to be broken and we do. So my resolution has been not to have any resolution. It’s a win-win idea, right?

Well, yes and no. Since I subscribe to premise that if you have no goals, you are aimlessly wandering through life, this decision can be double-edged. On one hand, I am not concerned thinking I am not keeping my resolutions, on the other I am concerned thinking I am somehow wasting time and energy in doing nothing new.

Since for most of us, life changes very little from year to year, even if we keep one resolution or try to change one thing, we feel we have accomplished much. Now, do not get me wrong, I am not talking about earth-shattering change, much less life-changing change. I am just pointing to the fact that a small step can be good.

Simply, if we make resolutions we most think well what are we really getting ourselves into. If we decide not to make resolutions, just let the whole thing go. Couldn’t be simpler.

After our daughter’s wedding and all that it involved, I find myself with time in my hands and the desire to use it for myself. Taking time for me, spending time with people I love and like, doing things I enjoy and not feeling guilty about any of it. This year that is all I can promise myself: one small step at a time in whatever direction I have chosen to go.