Age and Water

As I said about food, water is indispensable. Our bodies crave it, need it and cannot function without it. The human body uses water in all its cells and tissues. It is the way to regulate temperature and maintain bodily functions. It helps flush out toxins and boots your metabolism. Naturally, the body also loses water constantly: breathing, sweating, tearing, digesting food.

In this time and age, most drinks are full of sugar or we add sugar to them. Besides, we take it upon ourselves to add sugar to our tea, coffee, smoothie or whatever we drink.Water is just plain and simple. That is why we must concentrate on intaking as much as we need.

As we age, our sense of thirst lessens and we forget to hydrate. We must make it a point to drink even if we are not thirsty. Dehydration can cause many problems to an aging body, from rapid heartbeat to headaches. Reading about all this, made me realize that water is my best friend!!!

Slowly, I have been drinking more and more water. I still take my tea with honey and the occasional drink, but definitely more conscious of drinking plain water. How much? Eight glasses or a liter? that is a matter of whom do you talk to. For me, I drink whenever I can, regardless if I feel thirsty or not. To help myself, I keep a bottle of water with fruits in the fridge. Delicious!!!

A glass of water first thing in the morning fires up your metabolism and gives your brain some fuel. I take mine with some raw apple cider vinegar and at room temperature. It wakes me up!!! Then fruits or a smoothie and I am ready to face the day.

Last, but not least, there is sparkling water. Be it natural or man-made, carbonated water helps in so many ways. With your food, it makes you feel full, thus you might eat less; some studies say it helps with inflammation and with high cholesterol and blood sugar. These studies are not complete, but still it wouldn’t hurt to follow the advice. Besides, it is refreshing and a better idea than sodas.

Food is essential and water is too. By deciding to eat healthy and drink mostly water, you are helping yourself stay and feel optimally.

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