Close Circle of Friends

At this stage of our lives, we have the friends we want, the friends we cherish and the friends who have stayed with us through thick and thin. It has been a process that involved weeding out the fake friends, the casual acquaintances and the leaving behind of all those who were never more than a presence in our lives. A natural process that we should be grateful for.

Like it or not, we have more years behind us than in front of us. Everything we do and everyone we have around us is more important than ever before. There is not time to waste in relationships that haven’t gone anywhere and probably never will. It’s a fact, nothing tragic or sad about it.

As we grew older, we discovered that some people around us were not what we thought, others were not really significant in the great scheme of our daily lives. Our circle became smaller and the people inside it became more significant, essential in some cases. Sort of a natural selection of relationships.

This usually happened slowly, but sometimes we just knew how to distance ourselves and one day the ties were undone and gone. No regrets in most cases. Meaningful relationships remained and continued to enrich our lives. Unfortunately, we also lost friends because they passed away. Life happens. Those we cherish and never forget.

Do not get me wrong, at any stage of our lives we can start new friendships. People we are drawn to for different reasons still come into our lives. This is natural too and we must be open to that experience. These new friendships enrich our lives because they offer us a new perspective and keep us connected to new things.

Still our circle will not be expanding as it did before. There will not be the new school, college, work and other activities that put us in contact with many. Even volunteering will not bring a rush of new friends. For these reasons and the ones expressed above, this friendship circle can be different for each of us.

Keep the friends you enjoy, the ones who are there for you, the new ones who bring new adventures and new perspectives. Go out, travel, volunteer, mingle, engage with them. Keep your circle manageable so you can enjoy each and everyone. That is the basis for your social life, the secret of a life well-lived and the reason to move forward.

P.S. The photograph above is my daughter’s bridal hairpiece, dried and preserved.

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