Is It Aging or Is It Wisdom?

Have you noticed lately that calm has finally come to you? You have no need to engage in arguments, you can walk away from unpleasant situations, you have no desire to change anyone’s mind and have decided that being right is overrated. I have too and I like it. This doesn’t mean I have stopped caring, it is just that I have found other ways to channel my energies that are more enjoyable.

Life is complicated enough and as we grow in years….well, you know what I mean. There are still things we want to do, places we want to visit and people we want to spend time with. Everything is looked at as an adventure and why not. We have time for our hobbies, for new projects and new feasts to achieve. Those are priorities we all have. Controversy is not part of what we want to be doing at this time of our lives. So we have striven to leave it behind.

As we changed ourselves, we have understood that for anything to work, there must be some harmony. We have learned that engaging with respect enhance understanding. Never mind that is good for our health!!! If we cannot have that, it’s not worth it.

Going back to my question, which one is it? A sign of aging some of you will say and you might be right. A sign of wisdom others will say and they might be right too. Each one of us have arrived at this stage by a different route. Now that we are here, let’s enjoy it.

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