Skin Care Part One

Skin care is important, after all skin protects us from the world. It’s our first line of defense. Then there is the skin of our faces. As we grow in years, we tend to take extra care of that. Some of us have beauty products we swear by and use every day. Other are constantly changing brands, experimenting, looking for that magic product. Other mix and match what they like and hope this will be the answer. In whatever group you find yourself, skin care products do not escape your scrutiny.

In the modern world, looking younger than our years is so important. Of course, this is not easy and may involved many factors. First is our gene pool. This we cannot escape. Look at your mother, aunts, grandmother…..that is you. Second is the way we lived. Do we like to be outdoors? Do we exercise and keep active? Do we eat healthy and avoid stress? So many factors and we cannot control all of them. Third is how we take care of our skin. Do we wear make-up? Do we cleanse, hydrate and exfoliate? Do we get enough sleep? I can continue, but you get my meaning.

Then there are the extreme factors: Botox injections, fillers, surgery. Personally, I don’t see myself doing any of these in the near future…but who knows? I do believe that your face, as your body needs exercise. Have you heard about Face Yoga? A very interesting concept that involves keeping your face in shape. That is for another post, though.

A few years back, I participated in a product trial for a well known beauty products brand. I was compensated and had to write several posts about the results. To tell the truth, it was uncomfortable and I decided not to do that again. When asked, I always had a perfect excuse. Well, never say never.

Just over two weeks ago, I agreed to try these new products from a London based company: Skin Chemists. I received the products a week ago today, the only thing I will receive from them. Very nice packaging, light texture and pleasant scent. Started using them right away. Let’s see what happens.

I have not seen any noticeable changes, but it’s early days. Frankly, I am not expecting big results, but my skin feels softer to the touch. Still whatever benefit I get from this will be welcome. The company uses sustainable products, like caviar, aloe vera and seaweed. It is also against animal testing. These things really made a difference for me in choosing to try their products. I will keep you posted on my results.

This are the products I received:

Anti-Aging Caviar Facial Serum, Anti-Aging Caviar Day Moisturizer ans Ant-Aging Caviar Eye Serum.