Skin Care Part Two

Aging is not a choice and the sooner we deal with this fact, the better. We want to look out best, but we are not going to look 30 forever, sorry. No amount of creams, lotions and serums are going to take us back in time. Not even repeated visits to a plastic surgeon will accomplish that.

So the alternative is taking care of ourselves. Starting from the inside out with what we eat and what we drink. Second how we take care of our skin: exfoliating, hydrating, keeping our sun exposure to the minimum. Finally, exercising and keeping fit without going to extremes. We must remember that some of us are more agile than others, some of us are dealing with an illness or simply are not comfortable with exercise. It’s a fact, deal with it and adjust.

Most women try products expecting to get immediate results. If not, they discard said products and move on to something new. Others stick with something they are convinced is working, regardless of actual results. At different times, I have belonged to both groups. Haven’t we all? We will continue to do so as long as products come into the market promising to improve our skin texture, color or simply make us look younger.

Now I must come to the point of all this: I am back to report on my new skin care routine. Still loving the products, but not quite sure how much improvement I can see. Seems to me that this is not a miracle waiting to happen, but more of an exercise in consistency. Isn’t it how it goes?

I took some BEFORE pictures. Not sure how I feel about posting those!!! I have taken several others since (the one above is an example), but cannot say they belonged to the AFTER group. They are more like middle of the road kind of pictures. How long should I wait to post the AFTER photos? Would my skin continue to improve or this is it? Time will tell.

One thing I can say: for the first time in years, I feel confident enough to go out with the minimum of make-up or no make-up at all. That in itself is amazing.

Green Thumb

I do like a garden, flowers and plants. The whole idea to make things grow is so interesting to me. Was never like this, in my younger years I had very little time for a gardens or plants. I liked them, but was unable to keep them alive. I had a garden, but required help to keep it going and still, it never was something to brag about.

That all changed a few years back. As usual, I was buying plants, watching them wither and die. Happily I replaced them and all seemed well. Then I started buying orchids and receiving them as presents. These amazing plants are exotic, beautiful and difficult to keep. Replacing these was not as easy and it felt such a waste to throw them out when they lost their blooms. There had to be a way……and I found it!!!

Asking around to people I knew kept orchids, going online to find different tricks to keep them and have them bloom again, I did research. Indeed, it was the only way because improvising wasn’t doing it. After some months of trial and error, my plants started to bloom again. It was such a great feeling. Who would have known, I have a free thumb after all.

Lately, I have expanded my interest in plants. I am trying to keep alive a beautiful lavender bush and a small succulent garden. Believe it or not, these are trickier to care for than orchids. For now, it is a hit and miss endeavor. Will see how it goes!!!

In the meantime, I am thoroughly enjoying myself. This is more fun than I thought.