Moving On……

After debating with myself, thinking about it and skipping more than a few hours of sleep, I came to the conclusion that I needed a fresh start and a new look at life. Toss and Listen served its purpose. I did the tossing and the listening, it’s time to move on.

The discoveries are still coming, the lessons are still being learned and life goes on. Never thought we have more than one journey, even if it is the same. Taking my Grey Attitude on the road, it has been fun. Thanks for coming along!!!

Skin Care Part Three

Here is my last post on this subject. Has been a very interesting and overall good experience. The products are very good, they just do not work with my skin type. After a few weeks, my skin started to feel dry and itchy. one day, dewy the next. No rhyme or rhythm to this, so very frustrating because I was applying the same products…..or maybe it was the amount I used varied. Or I changed the sequence, have no idea, but this is what I experienced.

Of the three products I received, the Anti-Ageing Caviar Serum worked the best. Really did the job of plumping my skin before applying make-up. Since I stopped using the products, my skin has retained certain glow and softness. This is unexplainable, really. I would recommend the products to others, but also would advise them to stop if this happens. It could be it was my skin’s reaction and not the products. Good luck!!!

We are constantly bombarded through television and social media with ads for new and old beauty products. Each promising us anything from fresh and glowing skin to a firm and youthful profile. To be able to decide which of them will work for us, we would have to buy and try several products. Not all of us are able to do that.h


Skin Chemists gifted me these products and I am so glad they did. Please visit their site above.