Moving On……

After debating with myself, thinking about it and skipping more than a few hours of sleep, I came to the conclusion that I needed a fresh start and a new look at life. Toss and Listen served its purpose. I did the tossing and the listening, it’s time to move on.

The discoveries are still coming, the lessons are still being learned and life goes on. Never thought we have more than one journey, even if it is the same. Taking my Grey Attitude on the road, it has been fun. Thanks for coming along!!!

Skin Care Part Three

Here is my last post on this subject. Has been a very interesting and overall good experience. The products are very good, they just do not work with my skin type. After a few weeks, my skin started to feel dry and itchy. one day, dewy the next. No rhyme or rhythm to this, so very frustrating because I was applying the same products…..or maybe it was the amount I used varied. Or I changed the sequence, have no idea, but this is what I experienced.

Of the three products I received, the Anti-Ageing Caviar Serum worked the best. Really did the job of plumping my skin before applying make-up. Since I stopped using the products, my skin has retained certain glow and softness. This is unexplainable, really. I would recommend the products to others, but also would advise them to stop if this happens. It could be it was my skin’s reaction and not the products. Good luck!!!

We are constantly bombarded through television and social media with ads for new and old beauty products. Each promising us anything from fresh and glowing skin to a firm and youthful profile. To be able to decide which of them will work for us, we would have to buy and try several products. Not all of us are able to do that.h


Skin Chemists gifted me these products and I am so glad they did. Please visit their site above.

Skin Care Part Two

Aging is not a choice and the sooner we deal with this fact, the better. We want to look out best, but we are not going to look 30 forever, sorry. No amount of creams, lotions and serums are going to take us back in time. Not even repeated visits to a plastic surgeon will accomplish that.

So the alternative is taking care of ourselves. Starting from the inside out with what we eat and what we drink. Second how we take care of our skin: exfoliating, hydrating, keeping our sun exposure to the minimum. Finally, exercising and keeping fit without going to extremes. We must remember that some of us are more agile than others, some of us are dealing with an illness or simply are not comfortable with exercise. It’s a fact, deal with it and adjust.

Most women try products expecting to get immediate results. If not, they discard said products and move on to something new. Others stick with something they are convinced is working, regardless of actual results. At different times, I have belonged to both groups. Haven’t we all? We will continue to do so as long as products come into the market promising to improve our skin texture, color or simply make us look younger.

Now I must come to the point of all this: I am back to report on my new skin care routine. Still loving the products, but not quite sure how much improvement I can see. Seems to me that this is not a miracle waiting to happen, but more of an exercise in consistency. Isn’t it how it goes?

I took some BEFORE pictures. Not sure how I feel about posting those!!! I have taken several others since (the one above is an example), but cannot say they belonged to the AFTER group. They are more like middle of the road kind of pictures. How long should I wait to post the AFTER photos? Would my skin continue to improve or this is it? Time will tell.

One thing I can say: for the first time in years, I feel confident enough to go out with the minimum of make-up or no make-up at all. That in itself is amazing.

Green Thumb

I do like a garden, flowers and plants. The whole idea to make things grow is so interesting to me. Was never like this, in my younger years I had very little time for a gardens or plants. I liked them, but was unable to keep them alive. I had a garden, but required help to keep it going and still, it never was something to brag about.

That all changed a few years back. As usual, I was buying plants, watching them wither and die. Happily I replaced them and all seemed well. Then I started buying orchids and receiving them as presents. These amazing plants are exotic, beautiful and difficult to keep. Replacing these was not as easy and it felt such a waste to throw them out when they lost their blooms. There had to be a way……and I found it!!!

Asking around to people I knew kept orchids, going online to find different tricks to keep them and have them bloom again, I did research. Indeed, it was the only way because improvising wasn’t doing it. After some months of trial and error, my plants started to bloom again. It was such a great feeling. Who would have known, I have a free thumb after all.

Lately, I have expanded my interest in plants. I am trying to keep alive a beautiful lavender bush and a small succulent garden. Believe it or not, these are trickier to care for than orchids. For now, it is a hit and miss endeavor. Will see how it goes!!!

In the meantime, I am thoroughly enjoying myself. This is more fun than I thought.

Skin Care Part One

Skin care is important, after all skin protects us from the world. It’s our first line of defense. Then there is the skin of our faces. As we grow in years, we tend to take extra care of that. Some of us have beauty products we swear by and use every day. Other are constantly changing brands, experimenting, looking for that magic product. Other mix and match what they like and hope this will be the answer. In whatever group you find yourself, skin care products do not escape your scrutiny.

In the modern world, looking younger than our years is so important. Of course, this is not easy and may involved many factors. First is our gene pool. This we cannot escape. Look at your mother, aunts, grandmother…..that is you. Second is the way we lived. Do we like to be outdoors? Do we exercise and keep active? Do we eat healthy and avoid stress? So many factors and we cannot control all of them. Third is how we take care of our skin. Do we wear make-up? Do we cleanse, hydrate and exfoliate? Do we get enough sleep? I can continue, but you get my meaning.

Then there are the extreme factors: Botox injections, fillers, surgery. Personally, I don’t see myself doing any of these in the near future…but who knows? I do believe that your face, as your body needs exercise. Have you heard about Face Yoga? A very interesting concept that involves keeping your face in shape. That is for another post, though.

A few years back, I participated in a product trial for a well known beauty products brand. I was compensated and had to write several posts about the results. To tell the truth, it was uncomfortable and I decided not to do that again. When asked, I always had a perfect excuse. Well, never say never.

Just over two weeks ago, I agreed to try these new products from a London based company: Skin Chemists. I received the products a week ago today, the only thing I will receive from them. Very nice packaging, light texture and pleasant scent. Started using them right away. Let’s see what happens.

I have not seen any noticeable changes, but it’s early days. Frankly, I am not expecting big results, but my skin feels softer to the touch. Still whatever benefit I get from this will be welcome. The company uses sustainable products, like caviar, aloe vera and seaweed. It is also against animal testing. These things really made a difference for me in choosing to try their products. I will keep you posted on my results.

This are the products I received:

Anti-Aging Caviar Facial Serum, Anti-Aging Caviar Day Moisturizer ans Ant-Aging Caviar Eye Serum.

Is It Aging or Is It Wisdom?

Have you noticed lately that calm has finally come to you? You have no need to engage in arguments, you can walk away from unpleasant situations, you have no desire to change anyone’s mind and have decided that being right is overrated. I have too and I like it. This doesn’t mean I have stopped caring, it is just that I have found other ways to channel my energies that are more enjoyable.

Life is complicated enough and as we grow in years….well, you know what I mean. There are still things we want to do, places we want to visit and people we want to spend time with. Everything is looked at as an adventure and why not. We have time for our hobbies, for new projects and new feasts to achieve. Those are priorities we all have. Controversy is not part of what we want to be doing at this time of our lives. So we have striven to leave it behind.

As we changed ourselves, we have understood that for anything to work, there must be some harmony. We have learned that engaging with respect enhance understanding. Never mind that is good for our health!!! If we cannot have that, it’s not worth it.

Going back to my question, which one is it? A sign of aging some of you will say and you might be right. A sign of wisdom others will say and they might be right too. Each one of us have arrived at this stage by a different route. Now that we are here, let’s enjoy it.

Close Circle of Friends

At this stage of our lives, we have the friends we want, the friends we cherish and the friends who have stayed with us through thick and thin. It has been a process that involved weeding out the fake friends, the casual acquaintances and the leaving behind of all those who were never more than a presence in our lives. A natural process that we should be grateful for.

Like it or not, we have more years behind us than in front of us. Everything we do and everyone we have around us is more important than ever before. There is not time to waste in relationships that haven’t gone anywhere and probably never will. It’s a fact, nothing tragic or sad about it.

As we grew older, we discovered that some people around us were not what we thought, others were not really significant in the great scheme of our daily lives. Our circle became smaller and the people inside it became more significant, essential in some cases. Sort of a natural selection of relationships.

This usually happened slowly, but sometimes we just knew how to distance ourselves and one day the ties were undone and gone. No regrets in most cases. Meaningful relationships remained and continued to enrich our lives. Unfortunately, we also lost friends because they passed away. Life happens. Those we cherish and never forget.

Do not get me wrong, at any stage of our lives we can start new friendships. People we are drawn to for different reasons still come into our lives. This is natural too and we must be open to that experience. These new friendships enrich our lives because they offer us a new perspective and keep us connected to new things.

Still our circle will not be expanding as it did before. There will not be the new school, college, work and other activities that put us in contact with many. Even volunteering will not bring a rush of new friends. For these reasons and the ones expressed above, this friendship circle can be different for each of us.

Keep the friends you enjoy, the ones who are there for you, the new ones who bring new adventures and new perspectives. Go out, travel, volunteer, mingle, engage with them. Keep your circle manageable so you can enjoy each and everyone. That is the basis for your social life, the secret of a life well-lived and the reason to move forward.

P.S. The photograph above is my daughter’s bridal hairpiece, dried and preserved.

Out the Window

Since I can remember, I’ve had a fancy for windows. No idea where it comes from, maybe from that old adage that says: “when a door closes, a window opens”. It’s a symbol of hope, I guess. There is an alternative, an escape route, a way out. It’s comforting.

Throughout the years I have looked at windows every where I go, some times I take pictures, comment on them. There are such beautiful examples of them and very few pay attention. I do and will continue to do so. Here are some observations and some conclusions about this rambling.

On any given day, we are all presented with small and big crises. They come at us and there is no way to step aside, we must face them and deal with them. How we do it depends on our mood, our personality, our circumstances. Each one of us, in our own way, get past them. That is as it should be.

Now, there are times when we are so overwhelmed that we just cannot handle them. Then is when the window comes in handy. Yes, the window. Not always another way out, but a way to rid ourselves of whatever is keeping us from acting, from making a decision, from moving forward.

What I am saying is: throw all those doubts, all those conflicting feelings, all those negative thoughts out the window!!! Gather your strength and just do it. It is the only way some times and the feeling after doing it is unbelievable. Liberation, lightness, an absolute realization that starting again with a different perspective is the way to go. OUT THE WINDOW, it is!!!

Letting Go of Perfect

Amongst our most irrational beliefs we can count the idea that perfection exists. Few of us actually come out and say it, but we brag about our perfect children, our perfect husband, our perfect relationship. Everything is just perfect: our vacation, our health, even our lives in some cases. We must be thinking about it, constantly.

Where does this come from? How did we end up thinking this way? Haven’t found the root of it, but my hunch is that we got it through our upbringing, our friendly competition growing up, the fact we rather present a polished image of ourselves, maybe pretending all is well, good is easier than explaining anything. Who knows? and in the end, it really doesn’t matter. We must just let go. It only bring us stress and anxiety because we are following a path that leads nowhere!!!

To be truthful, more times than not, I struggle with this. In society, we overuse the word. We tell our friends that the time they have chosen to meet is perfect, we tell our children that the painting they brought from school is perfect, we even say that the weather is perfect.

So look into the richness of the language, use other words, other adjectives to characterize whatever it is you are talking about. I have taken out my Thesaurus….yes, that antiquated reference book nobody looks at anymore. It tells me these words can be used instead of perfect: faultless, spotless, immaculate, impeccable, sound, intact and exquisite among others.

In my personal crusade of de-cluttering and downsizing, letting go of perfect plays an important part. Striving for excellence is more realistic, I think. The same Thesaurus tells me: merit, greatness, distinction and brilliance. Of course, we must not take it to the extreme because we will fall again into the quest for perfection we are trying to shed

Finally, let’s remember that perfection can be an instant in someone’s life. Remember Nadia Comaneci in the 1976 Olympics? She got a perfect 10 score. That was a perfect moment, but it was hard and not easy to repeat. On the other hand, we all can maintain excellence throughout our lives by working hard, believing in ourselves, focusing our efforts, learning from those around us.

Age and Death

This is not an easy topic to tackle. Most of us want nothing to do with talking about death. Somehow thinking that if it is ignored, it would not affect us. I am not criticizing or mocking. Everyone deals with issues in their own way, but since this is inevitable…….we must talk about it.

Death happens at any age, that is true, but at our age we are bound to have more encounters with it. Nothing morbid about it, it is just reality. Friends and family are also growing in age and it happens. Life is terminal, someone said once, and she was right.

This week has been very difficult for me. One of my oldest and dearest friends is in her final days. It has been coming for a while, but is no less painful. Seeing a loved one deteriorate slowly, trying to keep communication open without touching on the inevitable is very hard. She knows, I know….but how to approach the subject. How to say goodbye? How to talk about memories and shared experiences without breaking down? How to be there when you are so far away?

I have tried to make it light, to bring up the best times we shared, to recall the times we laughed and dreamed. Still not easy, I do not have the answer and cannot impart wisdom, sorry. All I know is that it needs to be done, you need to talk and reminisce and laugh. You need to remember the good and the bad and cry if you feel like it. Do not hold back and pretend all is well.

Sometimes you feel you have not said everything, that you forgot something that is very important. You struggle to remember everything, but what is happening takes over your brain and your heart and you cannot. Still, do it, talk and laugh and cry, your loved one knows better than you what is coming and have accepted it. Do not make their parting difficult. Let go……

Let GO of everything that makes you sad and mad, everything you perceive as unfair. Cry, scream, yell. Blame the Universe, God or whoever……they can all take it, trust me. It is not the magic pill for grief, but it is healthy and necessary.

When everything is over, take stock of your life again. Make yourself a promise to live to the max, to enjoy everything that comes your way and to be grateful for the time you still have and for everything and everyone you have in your life. Dry your tears and look forward. There are still dreams to bring to fruition and memories to make and share.