About Time: a Challenge

abouttimeMy husband and daughter accompanied me to watch About Time, a British movie written and directed by the very clever  Richard Curtis. He has given us other gems: Four Weddings and a Funeral, Notting Hill and Love Actually. This is another one. Do not want to spoil it for you, so all I am saying is that I came out with a brilliant idea for a challenge!! Can see your eyebrows raising and your mouth slightly open. What is she talking about? What is she up to now? Very simple: I am setting a challenge for myself, a challenge that will last  through the Holidays and into the New Year. It is about time I see every day as I would have like it to be from the beginning.

This movie opened my eyes to something so true, I should have seen it before. Life is made out of days, taken one at a time. Days, in turn, are made of moments and moments are what life is all about. Why? because it would be moments that we remember, good ones and not so good ones. Moments that would make our memories, especially as we grow older. So let’s pay attention, let’s put an effort into making our moments memorable. This is the only way to make your day just as it should have been…from the beginning.

Have you come to the end of the day and asked yourself: why did I do this or that? why didn’t I keep my mouth shut or why did I say those things? I know I have, more than once. It is not full regret all the time, it’s just a wish, a vague feeling that the day could have gone better! It happens to all of us, it’s life……

Life, the rhythm of life actually, is different for each one of us. It depends on our personalities, our goals, our work, our family. Some people seem to glide along with a smile on their faces. Others, and I count myself in this group, smile once in a while, but struggle along. What to do. I always thought that there was nothing to be done, after all it was a matter of personality, wasn’t it? All I had to do was move on and make the best of it, right? Absolutely not…..Fortunately, I went to see About Time!!!

Watching what must be the feel-good movie so far this year, my eyes opened and my mind decided. This is what I propose to do. Take every moment and  make it the best it can be. Think before I speak, harder than you think in my case, so I have to make sure to breathe at least twice before I open my mouth! Consider what the other person is going to feel if I say what I want to say, breathe again of course! Don’t rush into any reaction, breathe before you respond to anything, be it words or actions. For now, I think this is enough. I can’t overwhelm myself. I will, though, keep you posted on this.