Will These break the Cycle?


It’s been a little over a month since I started using L’Oreal Age Perfect Cell Renewal creams and serum. I am not usually impressed by beauty creams. Unfortunately, my experience has been that most do not live up to their promises. Over the years this became a cycle: try one, let go, try another, back to the first and so on. When I started this, I didn’t know if these products would be the ones to break that cycle.

True, I was impressed with the creams absorbed easily into my skin. The serum was silky and soft and all had the most delicious scent. Dry patches began to disappear and my skin was softer. Still, I didn’t know if I would stick with them, but was encouraged to continue with my routine.

I am happy to report that so far, so good. I have noticed enough change with these #CellRenewal creams to continue. Not only is my skin softer, its tone has even out and I have been complimented about it!!! Friends have asked me what am I using and a woman at the hairdresser commented on my grey hair going so well with my lovely skin. That made my day.

The Holidays are upon us, this is the time to share the news with my friends. Now, I am letting you in on a secret. L’Oreal is giving away a  $2.00 coupon so you can try these products. Take advantage, here is the link: Holiday Gift Coupon. Who doesn’t like a gift of beauty? Make sure you let me know how this works for you!!!


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