She has done it……almost

IMG_1800It has been almost ten months since I colored my hair last. Ten months, it seems like a lifetime; at the same time, it feels as if I never colored my hair. As I said before, it has been nothing like I was told, but not as easy as I thought. At times during the process, it has been a bit of fun, actually!!! My friends keep telling me I am so brave. Somehow it doesn’t feel anything to do with bravery. It has to do with just wanting something and going for it!!! On the other hand, some have called me mad….I would look old, they said. This proofs that going grey is a mixture of cheerfulness and gloom. Listen to yourself, only you can decide which one will it be.

My hair is shorter than I would like, but it’s easier to manage. The blond is almost gone on one side, more noticeable on the other. It is not completely white, darker in the back and lighter in front… uneven color, but shiny and with movement. It has stopped falling!! Getting it washed and styled doesn’t take long. I can even let it dry naturally. I will let it grow a bit when all the color is out.

IMG_1849Mostly, my new hairstyle is liberating. It has changed my life, it really has. As I have said before, I started lightening my hair when I moved to Miami and I settled for a nice honey blonde. Then it came a time when I wasn’t that blonde woman anymore. Forget the expense and the hassle, I needed to be myself again.

Since I started with this process, I have learned a few things. These are the ones I am sharing today. First, let me put something out there. If you are thinking of going grey, but are not quite sure yet: Google para-phenylenediamine. The definition will raise the hairs at the back of your neck!!! More and more I am sure this is the right path.

IMG_1852There is also the fact that grey hair can be frizzy or unruly. Some women find that their grey hair is drier and wiry. You can look for masks and creams that will tame your hair. There are many available in the market since more women are letting their hair go natural. If you chose keratin, pick one that has no formaldehyde. It can be more damaging than helpful. Fortunately, I have very straight hair, so far I have had no problems with any of these issues. On the other hand, I do have thinning hair and it drives me to distraction at times. I have discovered that products containing protein like collagen are the best for this condition. They make my hair look thicker!!!

Last, but not least, our coloring gets softer with age, according to Jane Fardon, a color consultant in the UK. We can stay in the same family of colors that flatter our complexion, but in softer tones!!! Love the fact that there is sensible advise out there. Once you start the process, you can find help everywhere.

IMG_1780Going grey is serious business. I might be making light of it at times, but I do understand this very well. You need to be sure of your decision and have the patience to go through with the process. The need to just ignore the side looks, the smiles of condescension, the comments about looking older is difficult at times, but necessary. More than once I have had to remind myself that what people think of me is none of my business!!

I have found inspiration in other women that are blogging or writing about going grey. Anna Murphy says that “the Land Of Grey is beyond rules: you have broken them all in the very act of going there in the first place”. So true!!!

Julia Crouch says it best in her book: Tarnished. “I am not letting myself go. I am just letting myself loose. Watch out“. Absolutely!!!