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Wedding Planning should not be done alone!!!

After months of back and forth messaging, emailing, saving ideas in Pinterest, trips to Curaçao and Grand Cayman and untold stressful days and nights……I have finally slid into Wedding Planning Mode, and feel great about it.

The truth is that planning any event is not for everyone and that is why there are experts to help us. Some of us can do it because they can see the whole picture and then work out the details, unfortunately, most of us cannot do either…..see the whole picture or work out the details, that is. The sooner you give in and accept this reality, the sooner all will fall into place and you will sleep easier.

The selection of a Wedding Planner is the turning point. Yes, the person that can keep all the details of your daily ramblings and organize them into coherent plans. The person who can listen to all your ideas and put them together into a beautiful package, the person that can become indispensable. For me and to make sure all is fine: one in Miami and one in Curaçao!!!

Once that decision is made, all the planning you thought you were doing just takes a solid form. You see your ideas come together, you can make changes and feel fine about it. Now there is nothing too out-there, every one of your ideas can be worked into reality…or not. That is the beauty of working with someone who can understand what it takes to make dreams come true. Amazing!!

This is a most wonderful time in your daughter’s and, consequently, in your life. So be open with each other, get everything out and discuss all. There will be times when you do not see eye-to-eye. That is fine, it’s in those moments when you will find how strong the bond that binds you is.

Be prepared for arguments,  for tears and for times when you want to just forget the whole thing. It’s fine, trust me. All will come together and it will be like a book you have written or a script you turned into a magnificent film. When the day finally comes, everything will be worth it!!!


Photo: Dreamstime Public Domain