Reinvent, Move On and Dare

Have you noticed? There seems to be a recurring theme for a lot of people these days. Everyone has a different reason, but the result is the same: when in doubt: reinvent! This happens to be a great idea, if we take the time to think about it without fear. It is a big challenge for me, but I have to admit that it has some allure.

Research conducted in the USA has discovered that we are limited by our imagination. We have an idea of what happened at anytime in our lives and we rarely try to see if it really happened that way. What to do? It’s human nature, it seems. We are set in our ways and hate taking risks. Most of our decisions were taken because they were safe, whatever that means. We craved acceptance, so being different and taking risks, were not really the thing to do. Did you really chose your career or your lifestyle based on your passion? Did you really see the purpose of your life when you started? Some of us did, of course, but they were the minority, trust me. Most of us just chose what was acceptable and practical because we didn’t know ourselves well when we decided. I know I didn’t!!!

Then we hit our middle years. We suddenly realize we have another life ahead of us, we think of the choices we have made and pause. Maybe they were not exactly what we should have done, maybe we played it safe, maybe there is a new opportunity to do it right: reinvent. Perfect, go for it, we say……then, not so fast, we think. What do I really want at this time and is this reinventing worth it?

Doubts creep into our minds: I can’t do that, I’m too old to try this, what would people think, how will my family react, it’s too risky…have I covered every excuse? Maybe you have some others just as important sounding or as logical, you think. Well, we are all wrong! To reinvent ourselves, all we need is the desire to do so. All we need to do is listen! We know ourselves well by now, we have confidence and passion, we know our purpose, we can do this. We are not going to change who we are, reinventing is not changing, we are going to live as we truly are. Not as the world sees us, as our friends and family see us, but as we really are inside. Toss your old self and go for it, I say.

Once you have decided that reinventing is the way to go…..move on with the idea. There is no point on coming to a conclusion and then…just letting the ball drop. Absolutely not the thing to do. You need to step up and make your plan come to fruition. To do that, you need to dare, not easy I do know. Most of us were not brought up by parents that actually preached this. Think back….were you ever told that you needed to take risks? needed to just go ahead and act upon your ideas? I, for one, do not remember hearing this.

Yes, my mother was very positive and always said that we could do anything, we should dream and make those dreams come true, but there was not real encouragement on acting on them! A contradiction, indeed. My maternal grandmother used to say that if one doesn’t jump in the river, how does one know if one can swim!!!! A statement way ahead of her times, but was not a daring soul herself. So much for reinventing; not quite sure my mother listened to these wise words either, even though she was forced into decisions that changed her life.

Now, here is another crossroad and most of us are really trying to do what we feel is right for ourselves….well, some of us at least are trying to. Hand twisting, coming up with excuses, going back and forth over how we should do this. Nothing coming out of this heart wrenching exercise…so frustrating! Dare, that is the only way. It is not a matter of trust vs control, it’s not a matter of trusting others: it is daring to trust yourself. Julia Cameron, teacher, filmmaker, poet, artist, journalist, playwright and composer has said: Leap and the net will appear. Can’t think of a more appropriate quote.