Unconventional Wisdom and a Four Letter Word

IMG_2346Learning is something that never stops. All our lives we are learning. Must importantly: how much is just conventional ideas, accepted by most and how much is unconventional and wonderful and good for the soul? Have to say it is a matter of opinion or a matter of timing. Sometimes I think I give this too much thought. Fortunately, thinking have taught me that unconventional wisdom is the way to happiness.

Go with the flow, accept, use everything to make your life better, I tried to tell myself…….and finally I have listened. I am aware everyday of these lessons, I even write posts about them here. Most of the time I strive to put them to work for my family, my friends….mostly I try to put them to work for me!!!

I am sure I will get to ninety since my mother’s female line is full of ladies that got to their nineties. My mother is almost ninety-two. Besides, my paternal grandmother was ninety-eight when she died. So, my ninety year old self would have a lot to say to me. Her advise would be mostly unconventional and very positive.

I just have to listen:

Do not fight everything, pick your fights and win them!!!

Do not pay attention to what people say, they have their own problems and are just ignoring them by meddling in your life.

Pay attention to what you love, what you like and what makes you happy. Everything else is not important, trust me!!!

Financial security can be achieved at any age.

You just have to trust your instincts and be less apprehensive.

Love can last an age, do not give up on it. Who would have thought!!!

Keep doing what you are doing, it’s your time now.

Finally, you are getting to a point where you are happy with who you are and enjoying life. Good for you. You have a long and full life ahead. Live it to the max.

P1000086My ninety year old self would also tell me to FUEL everything in my life, now when it still counts. That is my four letter word,  and what a wonderful one it is.

Fuel your new-found interests, fuel your love life, fuel your relationships with your children, friends or sisters.

Fuel your intellectual curiosity, do not give up on your talents.

Fuel the recognition you are getting for your efforts by keeping up your inspiration.

Finally, she would say: This was so much fun, so glad we had this conversation!!!