The Year of the Horse and Housework……

images-1Having heard this before, I can hear you saying: she’s lost it again!!! Bear with me, there is a point here and I will try to make it. Friday, January 31st, was the start of the Lunar New Year 4712: the Year of the Horse. For the next two weeks, there will be celebrations all over the world (not only in China), gifts wrapped in red paper, fireworks for good fortune, dances, decorations with handwritten poetry, posts on Facebook, jokes and great food to share. On February 14th, the Festival of Lanterns will close the celebration in style. You are still wondering, right?

Let’s get to the point, then. One of the things that I read about these celebrations is the fact that you clean your house BEFORE the New Year. Floors are swept, furniture dusted, laundry done. Of course, you change sheets and towels, clean the oven, empty cupboards and fridge……You know what I am talking about because people do it around the world for other New Year celebrations: such as Diwali in India. That is a lot of housework, don’t you think? I remember doing all the above at one point or another in Curaçao…..but I digress.

Your home is sparkling and, if you did most of it yourself, you are exhausted. Now comes the great part, the one I didn’t know about but is the best!! You don’t have to do any housework for the next few days. Yes, that’s it: no cleaning your house for the next few days. Apparently, sweeping, dusting and other such annoying chores will do away with your good luck…..absolute bliss!!!

What I am still trying to ascertain is how many days. Some article I read even mentioned not cleaning for the two weeks!! A bit much, if you ask me, still the principle is fabulous. Housework is not among my favorite things. I used to tell my friends that I am not domesticated. I do what needs to be done and I do it well……but don’t ask me to enjoy any of it, not even cooking!! Most women are like me, I am positive.

imagesI am in good company. There have been famous women that have boldly expressed their dislike for housework. It is wretched work and is not appreciated or noticed unless you forget to do it one day and then…….everyone has an opinion! I think women should get paid for this, regardless. Even if you work outside the home, you should be paid additionally and if you can afford it, you should have help. In previous lives, I have had household help. Yes, I know is not politically correct. On the other hand, politically is closely related to politician and we know how that works. Always felt that I was helping the economy. I was fair and never expected more than what I could do myself, I just didn’t want to do housework!!! So I don’t apologize for this and we can agree to disagree.

Back to the Year of the Horse….. This year promises to be interesting. It seems that this will be a very controversial year when it comes to world affairs. People sticking to their principles and ideas and not much compromising. Financial markets will be unstable, but anything to do with lumber, agriculture and the media will do fine….what? Now, if you were born on the Year of the Horse: lie low this year. The Ying-Yang opposition will be unbalanced (two Horses!!!) and there will be tension and stress in your life. To help you navigate these uncertain waters, wear RED as much as possible this year. Nice to know!!

If you were not born on the Year of the Horse, then just enjoy these days without housework, invest in media companies, take up wood carving or plant a vegetable garden. Everything else is out of your control!!!